Past Mentors

From June to September 2021, CABLE piloted its very first cohort of mentorship pairs with great success.

CABLE mentors are current postgraduates, postdocs or researchers who have achieved notable academic success or have a background in research across several disciplines. Coupled with their passion to inspire, they become your ally and foster an open and encouraging relationship to support you to achieve your learning goals. A good mentor imparts analytical thinking and actionable guidance, helping you to identify opportunity and risk, and develop both soft and hard skills you need to overcome challenges in your academic career.

Thinking of gaining some insights from our helpful mentors? Before you apply, be sure to check out our simple guide to how CABLE mentorships work.

Check out our past mentors below!

Behavioural Sciences

The human mind is one of the most interesting disciplines to dive into. From how we walk and talk to how environments, policies and interventions shape our wellbeing, the field of research is ever-growing and never fails to fascinate.


Engineering is the application of science and math to solve problems. Engineers figure out how things work and find practical uses for scientific discoveries. In the modern day world, engineering disciplines expand beyond traditional fields and include designing software, reducing pollution, and optimising processes.

Biological and Health Sciences

Exploring health and diseases from a multidisciplinary approach, the field of biological and health sciences evolves with human innovation. From biomedicine to public health policy, researchers work hand in hand to ensure a healthier future for life on Earth.

Where are our Mentors from?

Our mentors are carefully selected to ensure they embody our values to Inspire, Innovate and be open to Interdisciplinary mentorship opportunities. Currently, our mentors hail from 8 different countries and are/have been affiliated with prestigious institutions across the world.