Engineers turn discoveries into solutions. Whether they are improving medical treatments, houses, transportation or computer systems, the products, processes, and knowledge produced by engineers literally shake the world.

As science continues to play a key role in policy-making, engineering as the application of pure sciences need to be central for us to make global breakthroughs. Our mentors are particularly interested in how engineering knowledge can be applied to design the world for the better, from complex infrastructure to sustainability policies.

Anna Tyler

MEng in Civil Engineering

University College London | Mott MacDonald

Anna is an engineer currently working in Light Rapid Transit infrastructure design. She studied Civil Engineering, with a focus on transport, at UCL. Her areas of interest include how the transport sector can tackle climate change and other environmental issues.

Interesting fact: Anna is now working towards her chartership as a graduate civil engineer!

Joris Šimaitis

PhD in Life Cycle Assessment

University of Bath

Joris is a multidisciplinary researcher who’s on a mission towards a carbon-free, socially just and an economically thriving society. He has worked as an LCA engineer with EU H2020 projects focussed on circular bio-economies, and is currently pursuing a MRes+PhD at University of Bath looking to evaluate circular economy strategies for the end-of-life of electric vehicle batteries.

Interesting fact: Joris is the founder of Editors for Impact!

Isha Kulkarni

Associate | MEng in Civil Engineering

RMI India | University College London

Isha is currently a Associate at RMI India, researching and consulting on the transition to clean energy with a focus on finance and policy. Previously, she led the UK’s largest Engineers Without Borders chapter and was the Central & South Asia Lead for the Oil & Gas Climate Initiative youth working group. She also has internship and co-curricular experience in diverse fields such as net-zero buildings, sustainable agriculture, water engineering, and ESG investing.

Interesting fact: Isha is a One Young World Ambassador, a Student Energy Leaders Fellow, and the co-founder of youth-led climate solutions platform, Degrees of Change!

Aphrodite Irene Lourida

MSc Artificial Intelligence

University of Utrecht

Aphrodite is a second year MSc Artificial Intelligence student at Utrecht University, currently doing her thesis. She holds an Integrated Master in Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences from the National Technical University of Athens.

Interesting fact: After completing her first degree, Aphrodite worked in the business domain and then decided to go back to university!


MSc Artificial Intelligence

University of Groningen

Sohyung has a double degree in both psychology and computer science from Pusan University, South Korea. Combining her knowledge in human learning and computing, she is now completing her Masters in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen, where she has previously worked as a teaching assistant for Computational Simulations of Language.

Interesting fact: Sohyung has worked in interdisciplinary teams in a research context, and her specialty is in Natural Language Processing (NLP)!

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