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Chow Yu Zon


Yu Zon is a senior analyst in a mobility startup. She is passionate about turning data into impactful insights and stories. Throughout her career experience, she has delved into data analytics projects, future of work strategy pieces, and also played a part in coordinating large-scale public sector programmes.

Having graduated from UCL with a psychology degree in 2019, Yu Zon is enthusiastic about combining her knowledge in research methods with her consulting experience to make a real difference in the space of educational experience as the world shifts to remote learning.


Navya is a PhD researcher at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR), which is based in the University of Amsterdam. Her current research focuses on human-robot communication. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UCL and a Master’s degree in Human-Machine Communication from the University of Groningen.

Her background involves research stints at the Enhancing Accessibility Lab at Cornell Tech and TNO (which is a research organisation in the Netherlands). Her research interests focus on applying technology driven solutions to psychological problems. Outside of her research, she has been involved with various international organisations like the UN Sustainable Solutions Development Network – Youth (SDSN-Y).

She is now keen to apply her diverse background to spearheading initiatives that have a meaningful impact on educational experiences.

Zi Tong Lim

Head of Business Strategy

Zi Tong is a final year LLB Law student at UCL and will be joining PwC as a Management Consulting Associate this September. In addition to developing a detail-oriented working style through her course, she has extensive experience in research and engagement roles. She has also held leadership positions in both academic and community settings.

Having been a mentee for the UCL Connect.ed research mentorship programme in 2019, and then a committee member for the society the following year, Zi Tong is eager about expanding the impact of this programme to mentors and mentees across the globe. She is keen to apply the skills that she acquired through both her course and previous experiences to enable more individuals to benefit from the programme as well as help CABLE provide value through other avenues.

Saahil Kapoor

Head of Innovation

Saahil is a transportation design graduate from IED Torino. He holds a lifelong passion for automobiles but loves to learn and explore almost anything he can find. He uses his curiosity to develop various skills and has experience in brand management, marketing and other aspects of market research and design. He has worked with various international automotive design houses during his University term and wants to pursue Design further by way of experiential learning.

Saahil has an end goal of creating an Organisation that impacts and changes people’s lives, using the principles and design thinking he is so fond of.

Will Chan

Head of Community Engagement and Partnerships

Will is currently studying for a Master’s in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces at Imperial College London, specialising in theoretical physics having graduated with a Master’s in Mathematical Sciences from Durham University in 2019. He worked in industry as a Technology Consultant and Data Scientist for two years, primarily working as part of a machine learning research incubator.

In industry and education Will has led several initiatives focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, in addition to being an ambassador for a leading mental health charity. He is especially excited to look at making research and higher education more accessible to minority groups and those that might be considered to be from a ‘disadvantaged’ background.

Executive Committee

Neha Khawaja

User Research Officer

Neha is a a 3rd year BSc Biomedical Sciences student who spent the last two years slowly falling in love with pharmacology, then made a hard turn towards immunology and immuno-oncology. She loves teaching and explaining things to people, but also learning useful skills or habits from wherever or whomever she can.

Alara Egeli

Digital Marketing Officer

Alara is a second-year BSc Psychology student. Living in Istanbul for most of her life, she has grown in a multicultural environment and has been exposed to different backgrounds. She is particularly interested in neuropsychology, research, and neuroscience areas and wants to further develop her knowledge in AI and computer science.

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