Why Join CABLE?

Join CABLE to inspire, and to be inspired.

How can a CABLE mentorship help me?

Research is better together. Mentorship accelerates the process of learning for both the mentor and the mentee.

Evidence shows that undergraduate research helps increase undergraduates’ persistence in pursuing their current degree and future postgraduate education. Furthermore, it helps promote career pathways for underrepresented groups by increasing the retention rate of undergraduates from minority backgrounds.

However, research is out of reach for many people. Some cannot afford the unpaid labour on and off term-time, others may not see role models in their desired field of study, and even undergraduates report not having the opportunities to conduct research during their time in higher education institutions.

CABLE was born with the intention to connect undergraduate students with postgraduate students who are conducting their own research. We aim to promote undergraduate research, therefore:

  • closing the gap between undergraduates and postgraduate education,
  • cultivating the next generation of leaders who will inspire one other to pursue further research in their field of interest,
  • creating a community of researchers who will support each other across discipline and regions.

With CABLE, we make sure that all you need to mentor or to be mentored, is passion, grit, and a stable internet connection.

Past Projects

Reviewing Skyscrapers in London

The mentor was an urban geographer completing a PhD in Geography at UCL. She took on two mentees in their first year of Architecture at the Bartlett, UCL, and held weekly sessions including seminar-style reading discussions, navigating careers in urban geography, and fieldtrips in London whilst practising different research methods.

Working towards a PhD in Economics, the mentor previously worked research economist at the Institute of Fiscal Studies. Her mentee was an Economics first year student at UCL, and their applied microeconomics project aimed to investigate the drivers of income inequality amidst increasing education and evolving technology. Together they worked on collecting data through online datasets and analysed data using STATA.

Social Cues and Escape Responses in Mice

The mentor was a 2nd year PhD student in Systems Neuroscience at UCL (affiliated with the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre). The mentee was a first year biomedicine student interested in behavioural neuroscience. Their project focussed on designing experiments for defensive behaviours in mice, and the mentor also imparted his knowledge and experience about working in research across Taiwan, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The time is now!


Be a leader of the future.

Leading an undergraduate is a challenging but fufilling experience. Mentors have expressed how impressed they were with the quality of mentees – they have supported the mentors in their project work while picking up new skills.

Design your own mentorship, together.

CABLE Mentorships are uniquely flexible and open, where mentors and mentees are free to tailor their learning goals. This process is supported by Connect.ed who acts as the facilitator of the programme.

Learn from the best.

Under the guidance of postgraduate mentors who have accumulated more research and work experience outside their degrees, CABLE mentees have gained insights outside of the classroom. These are often helpful for not just the mentee’s academic career, but also to expand horizons to understand the world better through a different lens.

In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn”

Phil Collins